Gerold Frick is contemplating the world around him.
He views his later work in apparently ordinary situations. He records them first with a camera.
His own fantasy and interpretation transform these photos into the typical strong figures and colours of his work. A proponent of figurative art, his works still seem, however, to be in unison with abstraction. At the same time this harmony of form and colour is the basic, if not the most important aspect of his work.



Gerold Frick would like to make an instantaneous connection between his art an the observer.
Human beings! Again human berings! Instantaneous, elegant or raw to the point of brutal honesty, these everyday figueres of life are not trivial, but distinctive figures shown to the observer.
Erotic is present but as well the humanness in all its facets.


Discreet the painting shall sink in. But lasting. The artist disapproves of exaggerating, explanation or exotic title. The work stands for itself – that is his credo.

His abstract work is a world in and of itself. They are correspondig with the fantasy of the observer and leave space for other interpretations. Gerold Frick came into contact with art in his childhood. His uncle painted impressive landscapes and opened his mind early to painting.


His contact to a missionary and representative of African art increased his interest and fascination in strong colours with hallmark Gerold Frick’s work.

The special attention provided by the different styles he employs, which can be stated as „undetermined“, influence the strength and vitality of his personal signature.